Meet The Founder


The company’s product line is a result of study and practice of Herbalism and promotes organic body care products that are all thoughtfully blended. Each ingredient is included for a therapeutic reason and every product reflects love and knowledge of healing power of botanicals. Every SANA HARMONY product is handmade and never contains any synthetics or fillers.

SANA HARMONY is owned and operated by an Herbalist and Massage Practitioner, Sanja Pejin. After years of studying herbalism, Sanja combined her love of plants and medicine making with healing powers of bodywork. Sanja believes that touch is one of the most powerful tools in healing physical, emotional, mental parts of ourselves. SANA HARMONY as a company was born out of love and knowledge of plants and their healing powers, and desire to educate, evoke interest and connect individuals to the wholesome products to be used daily in support of our body and mind.

Sanja is a graduate of the Self-Heal School of Herbal Studies and Healing, International Professional School of Bodywork and also holds a B.S. in English Language and Literature and M.S. in European Business Law. Currently resides in San Diego.